Academia as a safe home

October 14, 2023. Haifa, Israel

--A message that I sent today to the International Academy of Health Sciences Informatics, to which I belong.

I am not a political person.

I am a person who tries to be kind and to help anyone and everyone I can. I do this on a personal level and at my lab level, where I mentor students, seeing them always as individuals, as persons, as equal, as people who are just younger than me and perhaps don't have the same experience yet, and I believe that I can help them grow. My students and I collaborate in a tolerant, collaborative, and peaceful manner, transcending nations, cultures, religions, gender, and political or social structures. I do the same in all of my management roles. I am proud of the achievements of our community.

I am crying today. I feel betrayed by some of the people in our community. And at the same time, I am also crying because I am touched and I draw hope and encouragement from some other people in our community.

I hope that every person will feel compassionate about others and will not tolerate terrorism and massacres. I wish that our IAHSI community remain/be a protected home for all of us. I am committed to preserving it as such, regardless of religion, race, nationality, gender, and any other property that could be used to prevent inclusion. I call on all members of our community to show sensitivity especially in these terrible days. I hope that we will use our education, skills and leadership to do good things for humanity and I always pray for peace and health.

Your colleague and friend,


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