Omer - please return by December 1 2023

My elementary school friend Yael Lichtenstein photographed people from the town she lives in. Each one is holding a poster showing one of the Israeli civilians who were kidnapped by 3000 Hamas terrorists who invaded Israel on October 7.

Omer Neutra is one of the 240 kidnapped persons still held by Hamas in Gaza. Omer is the nephew of Osnat Getz, our highschool friend.

Osnat, Yael, and all of the RealiGirls group from בית הספר הריאלי העברי בחיפה  The Hebrew Reali School Haifa:

  Omer -- we want you to be with us at our next get together - safe and sound, and unharmed. We cancled our get-together that was supposed to be on October 20. Please be there with us by December 1, 2023. Amen.


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