Your love can make a difference

To my AMIA friends and to all of my colleagues and friends: What would you do if you child was kidnapped by Hamas-ISIS? PLEASE SHARE THIS POST to help bring Omer and all the others back.

I hope this never happens to you or to anyone. But it did happen to  Omer's parents, living in Long Island, and to their son, a captain of his high school basketball team. I heard Omer's mother, Orna, speak yesterday at the Rally in DC to Bring Back the kidnapped home and was deeply touched. Watch here to understand why posting his photo can make a big difference - why your actions have power (now when negotiations are taking place to bring back hostages). Please watch for 1 min Orna's speech

Please also watch Alana Zeitchik talk (2:34:26) about love as a value we all share and about the fact that you don't have to choose between Israelis and Palestinian children - you can love them all.

I was not in DC - I wish I could have been. My second cousin Anat Levin Katzir and her family travelled to be there and support.


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